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"In-service" warranty

"In Service Warranty Details:

This warranty covers the specific equipment repaired by Power Control Services Incorporated against material and workmanship defects. The warranty period begins on the date of shipment from our facility or upon written notification that the item has been installed and placed in service. In cases where no written notification of installation and placement into service has been received, the warranty defaults to the date of shipment from our facility. The warranty extends for the period stated on the repair quote and has no limitation on the shelf life of the repair except in cases where parts in the repaired equipment, whether replaced or not, have become obsolete or proprietary or unless otherwise stated on our repair quote. In these cases where parts have become obsolete or proprietary during the warranty period the shelf life coverage is void and the warranty extends for the time period stated on the repair quote beginning on the date of shipment of the item. This warranty is void if the equipment has had any unauthorized work or modifications, or if the equipment failed to function due to improper setup or use, neglect, contaminate damage, tampering, modification, acts of God or if the Power Control Services identification decal has been removed or altered in any manner. All consequential damage to property, loss of profit, savings, injury or any other damages arising out of any repair services are specifically excluded.

Any equipment to be considered for warranty must be returned to our facility for technical evaluation and must include a detailed fault description. Our obligation shall be limited to the repair or replacement, at our choice, of any such defective equipment not to exceed the cost paid for the repair item. All freight and rush fees for returned product remain the responsibility of the customer. Any warranty claim must be made in writing and the equipment must be received before the end of the warranty period. At no time will Power Control Services ever travel to the equipment location to assist in the repair or troubleshooting of the equipment.

If the equipment is not functioning properly after the initial warranty consideration, it must be returned to our facility for another warranty consideration. If at this time we decide that the equipment cannot be repaired or replaced for any reason, we shall credit your account with us in an amount equal to the sum you paid to us for the repair excluding any expedite or shipping costs associated with the item.  If we make a 2nd warranty attempt at repair and the item is still not functioning, after being accepted as a valid warranty twice, only then will we issue your account with us credit without having the equipment returned to us for evaluation.  All credits issued are valid for 24 months from the date issued.  Also, when using an issued credit it is the customer responsibility to note the proper credit order number and it must be accepted by our accounting department before it is applied.  

Repair Process Limitations:

Power Control Services Incorporated makes reasonable economic efforts to test equipment as fully as possible. This testing is rarely a full operational test exercising every function of the equipment. Our testing primarily consists of static tests on a component level with minimal dynamic testing on a board level. We make reasonable efforts to repair all faults found, but in no way can we perform a full operational test of all the equipment we repair. We rely on the customer to provide us with a detailed fault description otherwise we are forced to develop our own conclusions as to the specific issue with the equipment. We will attempt the repair of almost any item in lieu of returning the item not repaired to the customer. In the event that an item does not work according to the customer specifications we offer the below warranty on the item. At our discretion any repair may be sent to another repair facility to be repaired.  

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