Proactive Electronic Rebuild

Military Grade Electronic Components

OEM's mass manufacture their own electronics and typically use the least costly parts that are made to last only as long as their warranty - about a year or so. We rebuild to the highest standards of reliability based on military specification so that repaired parts will last for decades under the harshest conditions.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

The longer corrosion sits on the circuit board, the more damage it does. While a repair only offers a topical cleaning, our chemical ultrasonic cleaning process is the fastest and most complete method of corrosion elimination, removing every single bit of corrosion from the equipment.

Proactive Rebuild Process

Inside your automation equipment there are numerous electrolytic capacitors that filter out noise inside the circuit. Unfortunately, these very important components have a very limited shelf life. We automatically replaces these capacitors with our Proactive Rebuild Process because they’re guaranteed to fail at some point in the near future. Instead of risking a halt in your operations, we replace them with new military grade, long-lasting components to keep your equipment operational for as long as possible.

Circuit Board Encapsulation Method

One of the most common causes of circuit board failure is corrosion due to moisture. We stop moisture by encapsulating the circuit board with a proprietary coating method. This method includes 1) removing all microscopic levels of existing corrosion and 2) multiple coating and baking processes that virtually eliminate the possibility of moisture damage in the future.


WE STRIVE TO DO ALL REPAIRS WITHIN 5 DAYS OF APPROVAL, because we know your time matters!!

Time lost is money lost. We demand a 5-day turnaround time from our technicians. That beats most of our competitors standards by half. You’re up and running again sooner with the most reliable item possible.



Your equipment is received and immediately sorted and organized.


Our staff registers your equipment information in our automated tracking system, including any supplied documentation. This allows you to track your real time repair progress 24 hours a day.

Initial Evaluation

Our engineers determine if your equipment is repairable and verify the exact cost of repair.


Within 24 hours of arrival, you have a quote in hand acknowledging receipt of your item and providing repair cost details.


As soon as you approve the quote, we get to work.

Technician Evaluation

Our IPC7711 / IPC7721 certified technicians determine exact component failure using state-of-the-art component analysis equipment.


Our extensive inventory and parts research system speeds up the repair process.

Repair/Proactive Rebuild

We replace all failed components at our state-of-the-art ESD and SMT repair/rework stations.

Quality Control Testing

We run tests to ensure the work performed meets our quality control standards.

Safe Shipping

Per ESD standards, repaired controls are wrapped to exceed UPS packaging standards, ensuring damage does not occur while in transit.


Customer Service

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Technical Support

Call anytime for a free technical support meeting should more detailed information accompany your repair.

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