This simple to read report gives you and your client a visual understanding of the issues that were found with the unit and the specific actions that will be taken once approved for rebuild.

This report is only available upon specific request from you during the evaluation process.   


Non-Repairable Report

Explaining why an item is non-repairable can be difficult at times. This report helps explain the reasoning with pictures and in most cases gives your client a different alternative for them to take.

This report is generated for all Non-Repairable items and is sent with your quote.  



No one likes to know that they will have to pay for another rebuild but when there is understanding as to why it makes it much easier. In fact, most cases it brings to light much larger issues that lead to finding better maintenance solutions.

This report is generated for all Warranty items w/Charges and is sent with your quote to give you the proper tools to explain the why.

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