App of the Month - Dark Sky

Have you ever been frustrated when the weather forecast says it’ll be a sunny day, but then it storms instead while you’re out? The problem is, most weather forecasts only tell you about the day — and depending on where you live, the weather could change several times in the same day.

Dark Sky is an app for iOS and Android that takes weather forecasting to the next level, offering to-the-minute predictions on when — and how long — it’ll rain at your particular location. You can see how the temperature will change throughout the day.

The true appeal of Dark Sky is how precise it is. You can use it to decide when you ought to take lunch or walk the dog. And it displays all of this in a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind display using radar imagery.

The basic app is free on Android, but it requires an annual subscription of $3 per year. On iOS, it’s a one-time $4 fee to use it forever. Fortunately, the Dark Sky experience excludes ads, so the price of admission makes it a true pleasure to use.