Book Review: ‘The Productivity Project’

We all strive to be more productive. We are surrounded by advice, apps, and devices purported to boost productivity, yet we don’t seem to be any better off. This challenge to achieve greater productivity is explored in “The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy” by Chris Bailey. The author has a passion for productivity that most of us only dream of; he spent a full year attempting to become more productive.

During that year, Bailey’s goal was to get more out of life by being more productive and working smarter, not harder. “The Productivity Project” takes that idea to the extreme. Much of the book recounts Bailey’s productivity experiments and what he learned along the way. Plus, he gives the reader tools and insights so they can apply what he learned.

One by one, Bailey works his way through a number of tasks to understand productivity and ultimately master it. Through these productivity experiments, there is one thing Bailey didn’t want to do: waste your time. He stresses he included what he felt would be most valuable to you. Bailey tells you what you’ll get out of the chapter and how long the chapter will take to read.

But Bailey challenges the reader, as well. Most chapters include a challenge for you to try. It’s all about relevancy to your life, personal and professional. At its core, “The Productivity Project” is a trove of ideas. When you want to master your productivity and live and work better, this book serves as a worthwhile starting point.