Don’t Let Q4 Slide By

It’s hard to believe we’re already in Q4 this year. Time has flown by, but now is a great opportunity to slow it down to pursue some new objectives and boost your sales in the last leg of the year.

1. Review Your Targets
Look over both individual and team quotas and determine whether your benchmarks are motivational and achievable or if they might be creating unrealistic expectations. After your review, adjust your targets for Q4 accordingly. If your team is exceeding expectations, aim higher. If not, then readjust your goals for the end of the year so you can still come out on top.

2. Examine Schedules
Q4 is full of special dates, holidays, and events. Review them carefully and consider how changing schedules might affect company workflow. Communication is key here, and knowing when members of your team will be most efficient will allow you to plan accordingly and optimize results.

3. Focus on Value
Once you’ve reviewed your targets and gathered your data, prioritize your interaction with clients in your pipeline who are most likely to close. You want to end the year on a high note, and a great way to do that is to focus your energy on those with the greatest likelihood of converting high-value deals.

4. Start Right Away
Even though these tips are coming to you a month into Q4, that doesn’t mean you can’t put them into effect immediately. The sooner you kick up the momentum, the quicker your team will feel confident with changing strategies. Keep your team in the loop, especially about your intended pace. You can even offer end-of-year bonuses as an added incentive.

Implementing these practices means more than an opportunity for a strong quarter; they represent a chance to close out the entire year on the upswing, enabling you to start the new year strong. This domino effect is a direct relation to how much time and effort you put into your plan, so get motivated and get started today.