Handling Negative Customer Experience

Though many people are quick to say failure is not an option, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. If we never failed at anything, how would we learn from our mistakes? Mistakes create the building blocks to success — it might be rough and bumpy, but we learn and move forward. It's the same when you find an angry customer on your hands. You can use the opportunity to learn and make sure their next experience is better.

How do you handle a mistake? First, don’t point fingers. If a customer wasn’t satisfied with their interaction with your business, own up to it. When you try to defend yourself, it creates more issues. The customer wants the problem resolved. They don’t care about the reason you failed.

Approach the problem with an open mind and calm demeanor. Let the customer know that you are sorry for your mistake, and be empathetic. As a bonus, offer them a free coupon of some kind to entice the customer to come back to your company. It shows that you are truly sorry for what they went through.

Facing negative feedback through online reviews can be a tricky circumstance. It can feel as though they’ll make or break your company. This, similar to talking to an angry customer, depends on how you handle the situation. One option is to focus on getting the review removed. If you have proof that the review is untrue, this may be possible. However, if the review is correct, addressing it as politely and calmly as you can will be the best approach. Let them know you are aware of the problem and that it’s being addressed.

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how we fix and learn from our mistakes that shows our true colors. Showing your customers you are able to handle mistakes will leave a far more lasting impression than the mistake ever will.