How Training Can Transform Your Business

What if we told you that by doing one thing consistently, you could transform not only your business, but your life? Well, that’s exactly what training can do for you. Training isn’t just for your employees. By receiving effective training, you gain a layer of accountability, an understanding of best practices, and an increase in performance. Just as the teams in this month’s March Madness have received countless hours of training, so do the best business owners in the world. It is key to achieving peak performance, and here are four reasons why.

Training gives you the structure and order you need to succeed in your craft. Regardless of the industry, having a trainer means you also have someone to hold you accountable. A coach prevents you from being your own worst enemy by working on your weaknesses and growing your strengths.

Trainers encourage you to grow by raising your self-expectations, which creates another layer of accountability. Internal accountability is what drives success and future growth. Without internal motivation, it is very common for training to fall by the wayside. When you’re looking for your next training resource, look for someone who will instill their values in you so that your training is always relevant.

Applying Best Practices
Whether it’s a conference, regular coaching, or taking courses, quality training is always on the cusp of new and effective tactics to grow your business. By learning best practices and making practical applications to your business, you can consistently make progress toward your goals. The key to this is understanding that best practices are constantly evolving because of how dynamic business is as a field. Without current training, you could be using the out-of-date systems and models that cause many businesses to stagnate. This is also why it’s important to use proven resources — they ensure you always get the most up-to-date information

Increased Performance
Perhaps the biggest reason that people seek out training is to increase performance. Training is a great resource to boost your bottom line. The correlation between training and balance-sheet profitability is astronomical. In one recent real estate study done by Keller Williams Realty, agents who attended two or more trainings in a month boasted over a 100 percent difference in commission numbers compared to those who didn’t. This wasn’t an aberration, either, because these are consistent numbers. This is why they use the phrase “success leaves clues,” and those clues always lead back to the same verdict: Training produces results.

Performance goes beyond just numbers, though. Many executives or managers attend leadership trainings to grow personally and professionally. This helps increase their performance in ways that go beyond the metrics of a balance sheet.

Training provides a unique opportunity for the trainee to focus on business, not in business. Often, employees and owners get so bogged down in the day-to-day tasks that they aren’t able to take time to focus on the state of their company. Training provides an opportunity for you to detach yourself from the weight of your daily tasks, allowing your mindset shift from drowning in work to what matters to your business.

“In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow,” says Lou Holtz. That’s what it means to receive training. Personal growth achieved through training will help accelerate your business and your life. If you aren’t growing, your business will fall by the wayside, and your achievements will cease to exist. Take a look at some local resources in your community where you can receive training. If you can’t find anything of value, the internet is full of webinars and great resources for you to tap into. Transforming your business and your life starts here. Don’t wait for your business to fall behind. Tap into training resources today.