Point by Point

When you’re an entrepreneur or a business leader, your to-do list can feel more like a novel than a manageable list. But what if you could order your thoughts, track your accomplishments, and maintain organization all on your own terms? It may sound too good to be true, but bullet journaling does just that.

What Is It?

Despite what the name may suggest, bullet journaling has little to do with writing out your feelings — unless you want to do that! Instead, it’s a log of all your to-do lists, reminders, and tracking systems in one convenient place. The goal is to complete tasks and update your journal each day. You can even download a companion app to digitally stay on top of your tracking.

The beauty of bullet journaling is customization. If you’re a visual person, create drawings or tape down pictures to represent your tasks. If you prefer precise outlines, use ruled pages to order each goal and its subtasks. A bullet journal can include every aspect of your business down to the smallest logistical details, or it can break down a single, complicated aspect, such as vendor tracking, into one journal. The look and function of your bullet journal is completely up to you and your process.

How Do I Do It?

Despite the versatility, every bullet journal shares a couple key components. First, you need a legend or key to identify what symbols mean throughout your journal. For example, a square next to a task may indicate it is a high priority, or a star may mean a task has been completed. Any group of symbols will work, but consistency keeps you organized.

Second, you need a calendar in your bullet journal. That way, you can organize your goals by year, month, week, or day and keep track of smaller goals along the way. Throughout your journal, create separate sections for as many breakdowns as you want, but the key is to keep it all connected.

No longer do you need to carry around a to-do list, a planner, and a calendar. Turn to bullet journaling to revolutionize the way you organize. For more tips, inspiration, and information on how bullet journaling can help you and your business, visit