The Internet Safety Tips That Could Save Your Business

Running a business is hard enough without having to deal with technological problems. If your computer network is compromised, the results can be catastrophic. You might think that hackers and cybercriminals would never target a business as small as yours, but it happens all the time. You probably already know to be wary of dubious email attachments, but here are a few more tips to ensure you don’t end up the victim of an attack that sends your computers into a spiral.

Update All the Time
Updates to your operating system and security software might seem like a constant chore, but it’s the easiest defense against an attack. Antivirus software should be set to scan for malware after each update, and you should update your software whenever you’re prompted to do so. Even better, set your software to update automatically. Security patches are designed to counter the latest threats, so you shouldn’t wait to install them.

Use Backups Correctly
If you do end up with compromised data, a backup is your best friend. Too many businesses don’t check that their backups actually work until they need to rely on them. Ensure your backed-up files are in good order and keep one set of backups off-site. That way, if your entire network is under siege, you know you’ll make it out with minimal damage.

Protect Your Wi-Fi
If you want to provide Wi-Fi to clients visiting your office, you should create a separate network for them. Both that network and your internal network should be protected by different passwords. When you let outside devices onto your network, you are at risk of being attacked through those devices.

Educate Your Staff
A staff member’s device can leave your system vulnerable, as well. If you are going to allow your staff to use company Wi-Fi for personal use, you need to educate them on safe browsing behavior. You may be skeptical of unsolicited text messages promising vacation details, but if one person clicks, the whole network is at risk.

Get a Firewall
A robust firewall is the first line of defense against prying eyes and hackers. A firewall, or router that includes firewall features, is inexpensive and easy to set up, and it will deter those seeking to break in. Think of it as a digital version of an alarm system.