We’ve Been Listening.

Have you faced any of these scenarios with your clients?

• Not enough time with your clients to cover all the different items you sell.
• Rejection from a client regarding repair services due to price.
• Maybe a client was burned by a past repair facility because an item failed and was not covered under warranty, and the client did not understand why the item could not be repaired.

We’ve been listening and have developed solutions for you and your clients.

“Focus items” with fixed pricing. These are items that we have a proven track record with and can offer the best pricing available. Also, the focus makes it easy to simply hand to your client with little to no explanation.

“Price right” guarantee. Your client should be paying 50 percent for repairs. In the event that they are not, let us know, and we guarantee we will price it right for you.

In-service warranty “worth the paper it’s printed on.” Too many clients get an item repaired, and some minor damage caused it to fail, resulting in another repair charge. We give your client peace of mind that minor issues — no matter the reasoning — are corrected and sent back at no charge.

“Snapshot” reporting (failure analysis, non-repairable and warranty-denied reporting). These simple-to-read concepts make it easy for anyone to understand why an item has failed, been deemed non-repairable, or why the warranty has been denied. We provide full details with pictures to explain all these scenarios.

All these items have been added to fit the needs of you and your clients, and we can’t wait to show them to you.

Call Grady Breaux (337-252-0983) to get your complete “Focus Binder” on how these new solutions can help you be successful with electronic repairs.